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After 'Singh is King' it will be 'Kaur is Queen'

Patiala, March 30(babushahi.com bureau)- "After Singh is King, it will be Kaur is Queen, with new Pond's Femina Miss India, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, 2013 playing the lead role in the film!" This was announced by Navneet's mentor and Director, Centre for Advanced Media Studies (CAMS), Punjabi University, Patiala, Prof Gurmeet Maan, while talking to the media here today. Of course it will happen taking into account Navneet's agreement with the organizers of the Miss India contest. In the meanwhile, we already have started working on the script for the film, he said. Navneet is a second year student of B.Tech (TV, Film Production and Media Technology) at CAMS even as she takes pride in disclosing that everyone in the jury or otherwise took a special notice in the �introduction round', when she stated: "I am a student of TV and Film Production in the Media Centre of Punjabi University, Patiala. My working in the lead role in three films, produced by CAMS, Dhee Rani, Choice and Ek Nai Saver, not only enhanced my confidence level but also did its bit in my winning the coveted crown, said Navneet.

In her interaction with Prof Maan, Navneet added another dimension to her earlier statement that she will leave nothing to chance while preparing for the Miss World competition, by saying that "I would do Ph.D. under you to attain the highest academic degree. It's my earnest desire to add Dr. as a prefix to my name and be the first �beauty of the world' to do so," she said. "I would continue to pursue my sessions with you in preparation to the Miss World contest", she added. Navneet had been doing sessions with Dr Maan in communication skills, body language and develop better confidence skills while preparing for the Miss India contest. She, alongwith her fellow students in CAMS, has also requested Dr Maan to start special classes in communication skills and confidence building. Dr Maan has agreed to oblige them by doing so from the next semester starting in July.
In her magnanimous gesture and in keeping with her declaration during the Miss India contest, Navneet said that "As a beginning, I will share my first earning to support the education of a girl student in CAMS in shape of a scholarship." To endorse the cause, Dr Maan has also announced the introduction of a scholarship in Navneet's name to a brilliant girl student of the CAMS to carry it further to some other students outside CAMS for their education.

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